Tower of Fantasy is so Genshin Impact that you can create miHoYo game characters without much complication

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Tower of Fantasy is the new MMO bet that is expected to be a hit among players who may be tired of what miHoYo has been offering with Genshin Impact during these 2 years. To compete against that free to play It’s hard and risky, but Hotta Studio’s bet is not cut when it comes to imitating that anime style and that casual combat, but the comparisons go further when we see what easy What is it create genshin impact characters.

In a way both games use a same visual style Y graphic, but we are talking about 2 completely different development studios, so that ease with which to create characters from one game to another should be diluted. However, with just 1 day of life, the community has got down to work on Tower of Fantasy to trace every last detail of characters like Heizou, light either Paimon.

For example, speaking of this last character, the adorable Paimon can be somewhat irritating for some players of miHoYo’s work, but the result when taking her to Tower of Fantasy is spectacular. There are certain differences, of course she is, but she maintains the general appearance of her and her lovely spirit.

version of light It is one of the most spectacular, even in the hair. While there are many characters in Genshin Impact whose personality or most important aspect, and that is obvious, is their attire —as in the case of Lumine—; the fact of having the same anime aesthetic means that a large part of the road has already been traveled when it comes to capturing the same characters.

The case of Hu Tao from Genshin Impact in Tower of Fantasy is even scary. The youtuber ON Game she’s done an outstanding job of keeping the eye design, and her hair in its signature pigtails—the hat is missing, we know. In total, the user has transferred 12 characters from Genshin Impact to the new MMO free to play with very good sense within the possibilities offered by the Hotta Studio game.

Best of all, you can copy and have that same character that there is created another player. One of the most interesting mechanics that the game offers us is that we can not only create, but also share our creation through the character id to paste in the box available in the Lobby to import it to our group.

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