Toyota will stop manufacturing in Russia permanently | companies

The Japanese vehicle manufacturer Toyota will permanently stop manufacturing vehicles in Russia, as reported on Friday by the company, which paralyzed activity at its St. Petersburg factory on March 4 due to the war in Ukraine.

The company has indicated that the decision to temporarily suspend activity at its factory in Russia was motivated by the interruption of the supply of materials and parts and has stated that since then it has been analyzing the situation “closely” to assess the future sustainability of your business in the country.

“During that period we have maintained our full workforce and ensured that our facility was ready to restart production should circumstances allow. However, six months later we have not been able to resume normal activities and see no indication that we will be able to resume production.” resume them in the future”, explained the car company.

The multinational chaired by Akio Toyoda has pointed out that this decision has not been taken “lightly”. In addition, he has pointed out that its Moscow operations need to be restructured in order to maintain an effective organization to continue supporting the dealer network in servicing Toyota and Lexus customers in Russia.

“We would like to thank our employees for their hard work and loyalty. In recognition of their valuable contribution, we will offer them re-employment, retraining and welfare assistance, including financial support above and beyond legal requirements,” said the Japanese company. .


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