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We describe the universal power adapter to travel with it abroad without unpleasant surprises.
We describe the universal power adapter to travel with it abroad without unpleasant surprises.Getty Images

This summer has become for many of us the starting signal for tourism abroad after more than two long years of the pandemic. And, when we make plans to visit countries as different as ours, we cannot forget an accessory as tiny as it is necessary: ​​we refer to a universal travel plug adapter. What we highlight is best seller on amazon at a very affordable price.

It is a product with over a thousand reviews and one high average grade: 4.5 out of 5 stars. It offers a one-year warranty and users who already have it in their possession have highlighted several features as very useful: its versatilitythe wearing comfortthe quality of its materials wave value for money have been some of them.

With dimensions as compact as its 7.5 x 5 x 4 centimeters and a weight not exceeding 100 grams (less than that of a mobile phone), it is the essential purchase that we need if we do not want our trip to suffer major shocks as soon as it begins.

Suitable for more than a hundred countries and with double USB port

The Surwell international travel adapter is sold in black and will allow us to use the electrical network without complications even in 150 different countries. This is due to the four types of plugs that it incorporates and whose mission is as simple as it is essential: to provide the necessary electricity to our devices and adapt to the 16 existing plug nomenclatures on the planet.

“Great plug adapter for all countries, we are now in Malaysia and doing great. With the possibility of charging up to three devices (two by USB attached to one of its sides and one plugged into the electrical current). Highly recommended”, recognize one of the users.

Whether within Europe (in countries such as Ireland or the United Kingdom), throughout America, in places as far away as the Pacific area or on the Asian continent, we can charge all electronic devices with it most used on our vacations: such as the hair dryer, the mobile phone or tablet, the shaver or the external battery, among many others.

Safety certified, fast USB charging and LED usage indicator

One of the sections that we must take into account when buying a good adapter for universal travel plugs like the one we are dealing with is that it meets minimum security requirements. Surwell’s model does. has approved the ROHS community directive whose mission is to guarantee the restriction of certain dangerous substances in electronic devices.

In addition, this adapter includes security shutters Y overvoltage protection. Without forgetting the little heat it gives off, despite continued use, as indicated by some of the users who have already enjoyed it. “The best for traveling, it doesn’t get hot. He fits perfectly into the sockets and does not move. The best thing is the light it has to see when it is connected”.

In addition, we find an accessory that provides us with service information while it works by including a small led light in its casing. Does it support fast charging? Yes, thanks to its 2.1 A output on its ports, it can power two devices at the same time. A great solution to lighten the suitcase of multiple chargers!

*All purchase prices included in this article are current as of August 12, 2022.

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