Trends that will mark the development of digital businesses

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After the consolidation of digital businesses during the pandemic, now the challenge is to consolidate and propose strategic projects

This year is surely destined to become the year of recovery and strategic reset for all companies in their digital businessfrom the largest to the smallest.

A year in which the world aspires to put an end to the pandemic to, now, assess its consequences and focus efforts on the reconstruction of our society and the new global growth agenda.

The volatile environment in which we operate will require companies not only to be resilient, but also flexible with a broad capacity to adapt to the new needs of consumers that arise.

“The year 2022 can undoubtedly mark a before and after in society, marking a digital transformation. That is why at e.tres we compile the consumer trends that set the agenda and that should be the north of companies at the time to think about their business strategies in their marketing channels, be they online or physical,” says Mark TejerinaCommercial Manager for e.three

Understanding local and regional consumption and market trends allows us to detect the opportunities that help us face the challenges that lie ahead in what is already a change of era.

Here from e.tres they share a roadmap and main trends in digital business:

The volatile environment in which we operate will require companies to be not only resilient, but also flexible

1- Adaptability: ability to generate value in different contexts. Adding to the consumer’s life is key, it must be the natural consequence of the purchase

two- Empathy: in search of brands with active listening, that offer a comprehensive value proposition, where the consumer is at the center

3- Digitization of new sectors: There are more and more activities that consumers solve and consume online and are looking for, if not, to be mounted on digital channels

4- social sensitivity: More awareness than ever. In search of brands committed beyond business existence, mainly with health and the environment

5- Purchase by carbon footprint: certifications of this type encourages customers purchasing decisions.

The rapid adoption of e-commerce in 2021 is prompting physical retailers to re-evaluate their future size, location and function.

There are more and more activities that consumers solve and consume online and seek if they are not to be mounted on digital channels

Everything seems to point to an inescapable multidimensional trend, with stores operating simultaneously as sales spaces, warehouses, delivery points, customer interaction areas and strategic brand vehicles. “There we entered with our technology to achieve integration between all channels, which allows updated information and personalized and satisfactory shopping experiences, increasing sales and recurrence,” the executive concluded.


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