Trian Riu: “Mexico is the destination that recovers the strongest”

Joan Trian Riu, Managing Director of the RIU hotel chain, stated that “Mexico is RIU’s main destination in the world as it has more hotels, clients and collaborators. In addition, it has been the lung of the company during this crisis caused by COVID-19, essential for the survival of RIU during 2020 above all”.(Trian Riu: “In Mallorca there were mistakes that Mexico has not made”)

“And now it surprises us again as the destination that recovers the fastest and most strongly in all indicators: employment, demand and income,” he added.

In Mexico, the chain’s 20 hotels received 1.6 million guests in 2021, well above the 922,200 in 2020 and also exceeding the figure of 1.5 million in 2019, in a demonstration of the rapid recovery of the country after the pandemic.

Revenues for 2021 recovered ostensibly to reach 551 million dollars, after a sharp drop in 2020 to 326 million dollars and in contrast to 683 million dollars in 2019. Data that, on the 25th Anniversary of RIU in Mexico, reflect the weight and importance of this country in the hotel offer of the Majorcan chain.

“For RIU, Mexico is the international destination with the greatest projection for the future. We are going to continue growing, both qualitatively and in terms of supply; both in the short, as well as in the medium and long term”, assured Joan Trian Riu.

“In fact, before closing this anniversary year we will open two new hotels in Costa Mujeres and Cancun. Only in the last five years the investment in renovating the hotels or in the construction of those that are now about to be inaugurated has risen to 772 million dollars”, he assured (Joan Trian Riu: “Cancun is the most profitable destination in the world”)

On the other hand, the company reported that RIU hotels have contributed 112 million dollars in taxes to the Mexican state in 2021, 56 million in 2020 and 136 million in 2019 with their presence in five states of the country.

A total of 8,553 employees worked at the RIU hotels in Mexico in 2021, 339 more than in 2020, and the company is in the midst of a recruitment campaign, both for new hotels and to cover new needs.

“RIU’s main value in Mexico is its talent. Without their welcome and professionalism we would not achieve the demand and repetition rate that we have today in our hotels. We believe in respectful and long-term labor relations because they are the ones that contribute the most to the business and to people, whether they are career opportunities in the same destination or in other countries”, concluded Joan Trian Riu.

as revealed REPORTUR.mxmore than 1,300 employees of four hotels of the chain in Cancun received the Blue Heart certification against human trafficking, granted by the System for the Integral Development of the Family (DIF) in Benito Juárez.

The employees of the Riu Cancún, Riu Caribe, Riu Palace las Américas and Riu Palace Península hotels received training regarding the rights of children and adolescents, in a joint effort between companies and the government (Riu in Cancun trains employees against human trafficking).

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