Tribute to Andy Montañez ‘Boleros that the Sonero sang’ Ismael Rivera

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Andy Montañez, ‘El Niño de Trastalleres’, has announced his return to the recording studios, this time to fulfill one of his pending goals at 80 years of life: pay homage to Ismael Rivera, recording a selection of boleros that he performed at the past the so-called ‘Sonero Mayor’.

The Cuban-Puerto Rican bassist and arranger Ramón Vázquez Martinera is the producer and musical director of this album that will be titled: ‘Boleros that the Sonero sang’.

The album will include the participation of musicians such as pianists Eduardo Zayas, Yan Carlos Artime; saxophonists Miguel Zenón and Edmar Colón; drummers Henry Cole and Francisco Alcalá and percussionist Ettiene Rivera, among others. As arrangers appear as part of the sound project: Eric Figueroa, Manuel Tejada and Cucco Peña.

Female voices such as Omara Portuondo, Jacqueline Capó, Millie Quezada and Liza Montañez – the singer’s eldest daughter of El Niño de Trastalleres -, will join a duet with Andy in the interpretation of various legendary boleros.

Montañez is a bolero player by vocation, therefore, it is not the first time that he has left his voice recorded on albums entirely dedicated to that musical expression. Together with his countryman Ismael Miranda, he published ‘Romantics again’ (1997) and ‘With a child’s soul’ (1998). In 2012, he presented the phonogram ‘Sueño’, as a tribute to Cuban bolero singer Fernando Álvarez.

Andy Montañez has a six-decade career on stage. During his career he was a member of groups such as the Gran Combo de Puerto Rico and La Dimensión Latina, after the departure of Oscar de León from the group.

In 2006 he won the Latin Grammy in the category of Best Traditional Album with ‘AM/PM. Parallel Lines’, record production made together with Pablo Milanés. Last May, ‘El Niño de Trastalleres’ donated that award to the National Music Museum of Cuba. The delivery was made during the interpreter’s visit to the island, on the occasion of the celebration of his 80th birthday and the 60th anniversary of his artistic career.


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