Turkey openly confronts Russia and condemns “illegitimate” referendums in Ukraine

With unusual clarity, Turkey condemned this Wednesday the “illegitimate” plans of Russia to hold annexation referendums in four regions of Ukraine controlled by Moscow.

“Such illegitimate acts will not be recognized by the international community,” said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey it’s a statement.

The declarations of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs coincide with those already made by the main allies of Ukraine who have condemned the new Russian maneuver to escalate the conflict in Ukraine.

The American ambassador in kyiv, Bridget Brinkhe stated in a message on Twitter that “the false referendums and the mobilization are signs of weakness, of Russian failure. USA will never acknowledge the claims of Russia over the supposedly annexed Ukrainian territory and we will continue to support Ukraine as long as it takes.”

In the corridors of the General Assembly in New Yorkshortly before taking the floor, Emmanuel Macron told reporters that these announced referendums are “a supplementary provocation» and a display of «cynicism» on the part of Russia.

The announcement of the referendums -he continued- must not lead anyone to talk about annexationbecause “this parody of the process” does not translate into any legal change, insisted Macron.

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