Two Cuban women expelled from Los Van Van concert after requesting freedom for political prisoners

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Two Cuban activists were expelled from a Los Van Van concert in Italy after asking for freedom for political prisoners in Cuba and the end of the dictatorship.

The Van Van concert was the August 10, in Marsiletti, Goito, Mantova province, Lombardia region, Italy. The Cubans arrived at the end of the artistic event and managed to enter the area where the public was to display a large canvas with the faces of the political prisoners.

Facebook Habanero scream

One of the Cuban activists who entered the Van Van concert is Avana of the Towerwho in her social networks shows herself as the creator of the Facebook groups Chili Habanero, La Papaya Cubana and I Advocate for Political Prisoners.

Organizers of the event came out to confront the Cuban women to prevent them from shouting slogans against the island’s government and denouncing the repression in Cuba. “You can’t do it here. Collect all that shit. Report me” said the Cuban who expelled them from the concert.

Avana accused the Van Van musicians of being accomplices of the regime. “Yes, because they take their money there and nothing happens,” she commented.

The Cuban assures that there will be no peace for Los Van Van on his tour of Italy, because in his opinion, in every scenario where a worthy Cuban is, he has to go out and ask for freedom for political prisoners.

At the end of the Van Van concert, the public did not want to leave, they asked the orchestra for more songs but from the stage they explained that the police had already asked for the end of the party. The audience began to shout a conga that has become popular in Cuba: “hey police prick“.

The organizers of the event immediately interrupted the spontaneous choir, asked those present to applaud the orchestra and thanked Van Van for the presentation they had had.

The Los Van Van tour of Europe It began in mid-July at the Sala La Cantera in Madrid. It is a tour in honor of Songo’s 50 years. The tour of the group will continue through other cities in Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, England, Germany and Belgium.

At the end of July Avana of the Tower denounced the aggression of the Consul General of Cuba in Galicia, Yahima Martínez Millán, for attacking Vania Coelho Da Cunha Guimaraes, while she was filming a live broadcast of the Cuban activist next to the bust of José Martí, in Santiago de Compostela.

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