UEFA extends sanctions against Putin’s country

Bad news for sport and for Russian football. The effects of the war that the state of Vladimir Putin has open against Ukraine they continue to leave consequences beyond social, political and economic issues. The selection of Russia has been officially excluded from the Euro 2024.

The Russian Football Federation has informed of this circumstance through an official statement in which it has also shown its regret for a decision that has been taken by the UEFA. The highest European football body has gotten wet when reviewing the situation in the country after the first half of 2022 that has been marked by the sports sanctions that the Soviet state has received since the conflict officially began at the end of February warlike

For now, UEFA has informed the federation that, given the current situation, they will not be able to participate in the Classification Phase for the championship. Thus, his ball will not be included in the drums in which the first big draw will be held that will kick off the next European Championship.

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Russia has reported this situation through its official channels and has also made it known through its official accounts on social networks, which have already been filled with comments and reactions. The fans have broken their silence to show their position and a second war has begun, this dialectic, between those who support this decision and those who consider it excessive.

Footballers of the Russian national football team


The reason why UEFA has decided to take this blunt decision is that the continuation of the conflict is reason enough to continue with the veto that was imposed against Russian football from February 2022. A few days after the start of the war and the invasion of Ukrainian territory, UEFA and FIFA got down to work to draw up a plan of total isolation against Soviet football.

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A historic sports ban

Thus, Russia was banned from participating in the next world What will be celebrated in qatar from November to December of this year. Russia was going to play the knockout stage against Poland to decide the last seats. In addition, all Russian teams are currently prohibited from participating in continental competitions, be it the Championsthe Europe League wave Conference. A decision that was extended to almost all sports, from the Olympic field through tennis, basketball, cycling or even Formula 1.

The common denominator of almost all the veto that has been carried out against Russian sport has been in the penalization of groups, teams or selections, but in a certain openness with Russian athletes at the individual level, who have been allowed to continue participating in most competitions. Another of the decisions that UEFA made was to withdraw the candidacy that Russia presented to organize the 2028 European Championship.

Although it may seem that there is still a long way to go before the 2024 European Championship and that there could be time for the conflict to be resolved before that date, the truth is that the draw for the selection of the Qualifying Phase is held much earlier. Specifically, it is scheduled to take place on October 9. Therefore, UEFA has been forced to have to make this tough decision.

Russia-Ukraine War


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