Ukrainian troops use Western guided missiles to attack Zaporizhia nuclear power plant

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Ukrainian troops use Western guided missiles to attack Zaporizhia nuclear power plant

2022-08-12 15:17:49 / National Radio News

Ukrainian troops use guided missiles in their attacks on the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, denounced the spokesman for the administration of the region, Vladimir Rogov.

Speaking to the Rossiya 24 network, Rogov warned that the guided projectiles are dangerous, because they go where they are sent, and announced that they will present evidence of the use of these Western weapons against the Zaporizhia authorities’ nuclear power plant.

Rogov indicated that the Ukrainian Army did not manage to damage the critical facilities of the nuclear power plant, thanks to the skillful, competent and effective action of the Russian soldiers guarding it.

That’s why, Rogov accused the Secretary General of the United Nations, António Guterres, of carrying out an exercise in outrageous cynicism by proposing the withdrawal of the Russian military, knowing that this withdrawal would leave the place in the hands of Ukraine, with terrible effects.

For the administrator of the Zaporozhi region, Guterres’ idea of ​​creating a security zone around the nuclear power plant, without a Russian or Ukrainian military presence, actually leads to Moscow’s capitulation, and it is not acceptable.

Vladimir Rogov criticized Gutérres for the fact that, given the seriousness of the situation, he has not held anyone responsible for these attacks and instead has decided to introduce a new concept: that of a nuclear power plant that bombs itself.

For the regional leader of Zaporozhye, the UN secretary general has dedicated himself to doing homework for the Ukrainians, who are literally nuclear terrorists.

In turn, the head of the Russian National Center for Defense Management, Mikhail Mi-zint-sev, confirmed that Ukrainian artillery opened fire yesterday against the plant from the town of Nikopol, partially damaging the thermal power plant and the equipment for the cooling system of the nuclear reactors.

Mizintsev emphasized that only Thanks to the skillful, competent and effective action of the units of the Russian armed forces in covering the nuclear power facility, the critical infrastructure of the nuclear power plant was not damaged and the operation of the reactors was not interrupted.

The Zaporizhia nuclear power plant has been under the control of Russian troops since last March, whose mission is to protect the plant, operated by a Ukrainian company, and prevent leaks of nuclear and radioactive materials.

Ukrainian troops have made several attempts to attack the plant, and these bombardments have become more frequent since August 5.

The president of the Duma or lower house of the Russian parliament, Viacheslav Volodin, warned this Friday that the Ukrainian incursions can cause a nuclear catastrophe, whose responsibility will fall on the United States, the kyiv regime and the leaders of the European Union, who do not take steps to prevent it.

According to Volodin, the European Parliament should interrupt the holidays to draw attention to the threat that hangs over the lives of the inhabitants of the Old Continent.

The Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, the largest in Europe, is located near the Ukrainian city of Energodar, has six pressurized water reactors and has a total capacity of six thousand megawatts.


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