UN calls to work to reverse multiple global crises

During the opening day of the high-level debate of the 77th session of the General Assembly, Guterres warned that the planet faces a growing number of conflicts, climate emergencies, a dire financial situation and setbacks in progress on the Sustainable Development Goals.

The purchasing power crisis is unleashed, trust is crumbling, inequalities are skyrocketing, our planet is on fire, people are suffering, especially the most vulnerable while “we are blocked by a colossal global dysfunction,” he said.

At this point, he asked the dignitaries present to make use of cooperation and dialogue in order to find the solutions that the populations demand.

“Let us work as one, as a coalition of the world, as united nations,” he requested.

The damage caused by natural disasters occupied an important space in Guterres’ speech, who recognized how they disproportionately affect countries with fewer resources.

He then urged all developed economies to tax the profits of fossil energy producing companies, and allocate them to those that suffer losses and damages caused by climate crises and to populations in difficulty due to food and energy prices.

The fossil fuel industry is “feasting on hundreds of billions of dollars in subsidies and windfall profits as household budgets shrink and our planet burns,” he argued.

He also recognized the fragmentation that currently distinguishes the United Nations due to the political divisions that undermine the work of the Security Council, international law, the trust and faith of the people in democratic institutions.

He also warned about the setback in relation to the fight against hunger and poverty, while insisting on the urgent need for help required by developing countries.



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