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United Nations, (EFE).- The UN pressured Russia and Ukraine to avoid at all costs a nuclear disaster in the Ukrainian plant of Zaporizhia, occupied by Russian forces and the object of recent attacks, while Moscow and kyiv once again held each other responsible for the dangerous situation in Europe’s largest atomic plant.
“I call for an immediate stop to all military activities in the vicinity of the plant and not to target its facilities or surroundings,” United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres said in a statement.
The Portuguese once again gave the alarm signal about the situation in Zaporizhia just a few hours before the Security Council met urgently to analyze the issue, an appointment that was marked by warnings about the risk of a nuclear catastrophe and crosses of accusations.
According to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the situation at the plant is “alarming”, although preliminary analyzes carried out by its experts indicate that there is no “immediate threat” to nuclear safety after the recent attacks, despite that they caused some damage to the facilities and have limited their electrical connection.
“Based on the latest information provided by Ukraine, IAEA experts have preliminarily concluded that there is no immediate threat to nuclear security as a result of recent bombings or other military actions. However, this could change at any time,” IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi told the Security Council.
The Argentine diplomat insisted that all military activities in that area must stop immediately and called on all sides to work together to avoid a “nuclear catastrophe.”
Along these lines, Guterres demanded that all troops and military equipment be withdrawn from the plant and that a technical formula be urgently agreed upon to demilitarize an entire security zone around it.
Russia, which has controlled the facility almost since the beginning of the war, insisted that its forces have always ensured the proper functioning of the plant and said that all the problems have been caused by Ukrainian attacks.
“kyiv’s criminal attacks on nuclear infrastructure are putting the world on the brink of a nuclear catastrophe comparable in scale to that of Chernobyl,” Russian Ambassador to the UN Vasili Nebenzia said.
Ukrainian authorities have accused Russia of having launched these attacks, something that was reiterated today by its representative at the United Nations, Sergiy Kyslytsya, who assured that Moscow organized these actions as a “provocation”.
Meanwhile, his Russian counterpart considered this idea “absurd” since it is Russian troops that control the plant and criticized the Western powers for not denouncing the Ukrainian actions.
The United States and its allies today blamed Russia for the situation for having occupied the atomic plant and insisted that the troops must leave there immediately.
“The cause of the situation at the Zaporizhia plant is not a mystery. It is another tragic result of the Russian Federation’s decision to invade its neighbor,” said US Undersecretary for Arms Control and International Security Bonnie Jenkins.
Meanwhile, all the members of the Security Council supported the sending of a group of IAEA experts to assess the state of the plant, a mission that this organization has been ready since June but that has not been able to be carried out so far.
Both Russia and Ukraine stressed during the meeting that they support such a visit, but it has yet to be guaranteed that all parties accept the necessary conditions.
“Our presence at the Zaporizhia nuclear plant would offer a stabilizing influence. We have been ready since June, but due to political factors and other considerations, the mission has not been possible. We cannot allow these factors to slow us down any further,” the IAEA chief said today.

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