Up to $1,000 for Energy Expenses in this State

A lots of United States residents can receive soon a new aid check.

As it was announced, an electric power company of a State will provide aid to alleviate electricity bills of up to $1,000 dollars in checks.

What is this relief payment? Who is eligible? We tell you in this article

What is the Help for Energy Bills?

Entergy Mississippi, LLC, a nuclear power company, announced that it will provide a total budget of $3.2 million to be used in relief checks for residents of the state of Mississippi.

The idea is that these can face the increase in gasoline prices, which has increased its value throughout the country.

The company provides electricity to approximately 456,000 customers in 45 counties of its home state. The cost of natural gas, which Entergy uses for part of its generation, has doubled in the last year and this has been reflected in electric utility bills.

Therefore, the new aid check seeks to support people with lower incomes, although it will apply to all residential clients.

“Not only do we want to warn our customers when we see factors that may affect their bills, we also want to give them the tools and aids to deal with it,” said Haley Fisackerly, president of Entergy.

Who is Eligible for the Check?

The energy company has divided its support budget into four distinct groups that will receive amounts according to their abilities and income.

Thus, the moderate income clients will receive $150 checksto benefit a total of nearly 1 million dollars to Mississippi residents who may face difficulties in paying their bills but do not apply for federal aid.

Another group, made up of elderly or disabled clients, you will receive up to $1000 dollars.

This represents about $540,000 that can be used to pay your energy bills for one or more months.

In addition, the company will offer free $35 energy efficiency kits in its service area, for which another million dollars will be allocated. They can be requested online and are available to all customers.

According to Entergy, these kits could save your recruiters $5 a month or up to $60 a yearwhich combined with its online tools add up to nearly $300 dollars a year in savings.

Finally, About 460 thousand dollars will be allocated to an education campaign for savings and the control of energy bills, aimed at the company’s customers.


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