US pirates over 200 Syrian oil tankers

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At least 200 tankers loaded with Syrian oil have been taken to Iraq by the US occupation forces in the last two days, local media reported today.

Two convoys, one of 144 tank trucks and the second of 89, left the oil fields of northeastern Syria and entered neighboring Iraq through the illegal border crossing at Mahmoudieh, local activists told national television.

They added that both columns were guarded by armor from the Pentagon and its local militia, the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces.

Last Wednesday, a Russian combat helicopter, on a patrol mission in northeastern Syria, detected a convoy of more than a hundred trucks illegally transporting crude oil extracted from Syrian wells in the regions occupied by US forces. reported the Russian aviation portal

Bassam Tome, the Syrian Minister of Petroleum and Natural Resources, recently denounced that US units, illegally present in this Levantine nation, plunder 66,000 barrels of oil out of the total 80,000 that the country produces daily.

Before the war, Syria produced more than 380,000 barrels of crude oil per day, while it currently imports oil to meet its local need, estimated at 165,000 tons per day. (Agency Summary)

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