US Treasury Official Says Crypto Mixers Are a ‘Concern’ When Enforcing Sanctions

US Treasury Official Says Cryptocurrency Mixers Are One

Elizabeth Rosenberg, assistant secretary for terrorist financing and financial crime control at the US Treasury Department, suggested that sanctioning cryptocurrency mixers could help bolster the government’s response to foreign entities seeking to use cryptocurrency. digital assets for illicit purposes.

At a hearing Tuesday by the Senate Banking Committee on Russia sanctions, Rosenberg said the Treasury Department adding crypto mixers like or Tornado Cash to its list of Specially Designated Nationals could be a effective way of signaling that the US government was acting to prevent entities from circumventing sanctions.

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“When sanctions can serve as a deterrent to any criminal who intends to use a mixer to launder their funds […] that’s an effective avenue that we can use to signal that we can’t tolerate money laundering,” Rosenberg said. “Whether it’s for a Russian, Iranian, North Korean criminal actor or wherever they’re from.”

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