Venezuela augurs satisfactory reopening of border with Colombia

In his Twitter account, the Venezuelan head referred to the meeting held this Tuesday in Caracas with his Colombian counterpart, Ramón Reyes, to “establish the lines of work for the reopening of the border” between the two countries.

“From the Bolivarian Government we predict a satisfactory and peaceful reopening,” said Velázquez on the social network, after the meeting of the technical transport commission with the visitor.

The also president of the airline Conviasa pointed out in another tweet that the technical commission “was made up of the authorities of the air, land and maritime sectors, with the purpose of continuing to strengthen relations between both governments to boost the economy.”

In statements to journalists, Reyes stated that it was a “very important” meeting with his Venezuelan counterpart and all the authorities, by land, river and air.

He said that he was accompanied by some officials from the civil aeronautics and they built a work agenda, with the review, first of all, of the aeronautical issues.

The Colombian Minister of Transportation announced that, as scheduled on September 26, with the opening of the border, Conviasa will make its first flight to Colombia, after the reestablishment of political and diplomatic relations.

Local press media reported, without being confirmed by any official source, that Presidents Nicolás Maduro and Gustavo Petro will face each other on the Simón Bolívar international bridge that day.

As part of the process of resumption of relations, a videoconference with the heads of Economy and Commerce of the two countries is scheduled for tomorrow to “fine tune all the details” and achieve “a good, safe opening,” Maduro revealed the day before at a meeting of work with governors and mayors of the country.

For next Sunday, a meeting between parliamentarians from Caracas and Bogotá is also planned on the border that joins Cúcuta, Norte de Santander, and San Cristóbal, Táchira state, announced the president of the National Assembly, Jorge Rodríguez.

Venezuelan deputies from the border areas and the Second Commission of the Colombian Congress will participate in the meeting, said the parliamentarian.

Caracas and Bogotá reestablished political and diplomatic relations on August 29 with the delivery of credentials to President Nicolás Maduro, by the Colombian ambassador here Armando Benedetti.

The reunion was sealed on September 7 with the same procedure before President Gustavo Petro, by the Venezuelan ambassador, Félix Plascencia.



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