Venezuelan airline will increase weekly flights to Cuba

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The Venezuelan airline Conviasa will expand its weekly flights to Cuba to 10 starting on the 15th of this month, as part of the expansion of its international connections, announced its representative here Vicente Naranjo.

In a conversation with the Prensa Latina agency, the director of that airline announced that they will thus unite Havana with Las Piedras, a free zone of Paraguaná in the Venezuelan state of Falcón, a very attractive place for recreational and shopping tourism, in particular for the large population of Cubans in that country.

Naranjo recalled that Conviasa is a state company with more than 17 years of foundation and 10 years of operations in Cuba, which began with Havana-Caracas trips with four frequency and equal number to Nicaragua and collaboration flights as part of the close bilateral relations.

It is also proposed to connect the Cuban capital with Panama soon, as it already does with Managua.

Conviasa, as an aeronautical consortium, manufactures parts, pieces and small-sized aircraft, and provides technical and legal advice on foreign trade operations and international cargo transportation services, as well as private and personalized flights for private companies, and maintenance for third parties with highly qualified staff.

Naranjo announced that with Iran they will increase the technological capabilities of large aircraft, and they will receive advice in the railway and subway sectors, they will reactivate the car factory, issues classified as priorities due to the economic blockade to which their country is subjected by the United States. .

Among the expectations, he mentioned the expansion of air cargo transportation from the destinations to which they fly: Russia, China, Spain, Bolivia, Argentina, the Dominican Republic, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Iran, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines with the objective of intertwining them to reach the Cuban market that demands a lot of cargo and passenger mobility due to its geographical position.

He indicated that for the remainder of the year they will start flights to Nigeria, Algeria and Qatar, while new perspectives are opening up in Cuba, since in the recently concluded International Transport and Logistics Fair they exchanged with national entities such as Aerovaradero and Cubana de Aviación interested in using Conviasa services.

When speaking of the strengths of the company, he first mentioned its human resources, while he pondered the integrality of the Cuban cargo and passenger market.

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