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Activision Blizzard will no longer sell loot boxes from . This form of microtransaction, which was one of the most criticized by players, will no longer be available from August 30.

Loot boxes will no longer be available for sale after the anniversary remix: vol. 3, on August 30. However, you will still be able to get standard loot boxes after the event ends”, indicates the company in about the new game event.

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But, what will happen to the loot boxes that the players had already bought and have not yet opened? “the loot boxes will open automatically before Overwatch launches two″, Blizzard notes in the fine print.

This comes as a result of the output of Overwatch 2Well this it will be free-to-play and a new monetization mode will be implemented: battle passes, leaving loot boxes aside. With this new method, all players will have a free pass that grants some items, but the paid one will give even more rewards.

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Overwatch 2 will not be a separate game, as it will replace the original. The content that we have already obtained during the first title will be transferred to the new one, but there will only be one official currency. “In Overwatch 2 apply Overwatch Virtual Currency Terms of Use”, adds the company.

The new installment of the shooter will arrive on October 4 and will be available for PC and Nintendo Switch. The long-awaited video game seeks to have the same success that the original Overwatch had when it first came to light.


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