Vince Gilligan’s new series would explore “similar themes” to The X-Files

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With less than a week to go until the final broadcast of Better Call Saul, there are already reports about what could be the next program from the co-creator of that bet, Vince Gilligan.

According to dead lineover the next few weeks Gilligan will present the proposal for his new series to eight or nine companies interested in his next project.

But the new from the creator of breaking bad It would not follow the line of that series or its prequel, but it would be a quite different bet.

While there is currently no synopsis, let alone a title, for the project Gilligan is hatching, Deadline says it would follow in the vein of what Gilligan did in The X-Files and, although it will not be a science fiction drama, it will explore “Similar themes about bending reality while holding a mirror for humanity.”

In that sense, while the show is expected to mix drama with humor, its premise would not aim to deliver a moral sermon and instead seek to invite viewers to think. In fact, Deadline says that the series is also compared to The Twilight Zone as is “set in our world while changing it, focusing on people and exploring the human condition in unexpected and surprising ways.”

The plan for this series would be to extend for a couple of seasons with a view to a larger narrative and for this Gilligan has already written material to accompany the proposal of the program in the presentation before the interested networks.

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