Volkswagen GEN. TRAVEL Concept: a glimpse into an autonomous and modular future

There are prototypes that never reach production, but serve to anticipate future features that will later be seen in other models. This is the case of the Volkswagen GEN. TRAVEL Concept, a design exercise with a Level 5 degree of autonomous driving, a modular cabin and a look as futuristic as it is peculiar. Of course, it is 100% electric.

This show car combines two types of bodywork, that of a sedan and that of a minivan, showing unconventional proportions, as well as a vertical wraparound windshield that merges with the large cabin that is visually separated from the rest of the bodywork.

The transparent section of the cabin reaches waist level, in order to offer as wide a view of the exterior as possible.

It also sports two large gull-wing doors for easy entry and exit, slim LED lights, a short hood, black-painted wheel arches, aerodynamic-style wheels and an attractive rear spoiler where there is no window.

The Volkswagen GEN. TRAVEL is a completely autonomous car, so the figure of the driver does not exist, there is no steering wheel or pedals. That said, its cabin is modular, with capacity for two, three or four passengers.

Thus, its seats can be two large electronically adjustable seats, or become two beds to, for example, face a night trip. Lighting is also adjusted accordingly, influencing melatonin production to help passengers fall asleep and wake up naturally.

It can also be converted into an office, with four seats and a large table in the center. The possibilities are many.

Finally, the board draws attention, where a panoramic screen is located where you can see information related to time, time or even be able to watch a movie. All in order to enjoy the trip without worrying about driving.

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