Vulletic presents new development for charging electric cars in Buenos Aires

Vulletic presents new development for charging electric cars in Buenos Aires

Vulletic designs and produces state-of-the-art charging solutions from Argentina.

Vulleticthe Cordovan company dedicated to the manufacture of chargers for electric vehicleswill participate in Automechanikaan international fair for the automotive industry that will take place from October 11 to 14 in La Rural, Fairgrounds of Buenos Aires, from 13 to 20 hours.

The company will present a new development: it is a seven kilowatt chargerwhich is expected to be completed by the end of the year and available in both a totem and wallbox version.

“We are going to bring our own product that we estimate will go on sale at the end of 2022”, declares Lucia Chapelloa Vulletic partner, who will be present at the stand together with two engineers from the company who will answer technical questions about the equipment.

It should be noted that they are also working on one of 22 kilowattsbut not yet ready for display.

Automechanika It is not strictly focused on electromobility, but on suppliers and manufacturers of the automotive industry such as auto parts terminals and workshops.

However, the Cordovan company will participate with the aim of continuing to bet on the transition and win spaces with its products.

“We know that other brands of chargers will also be present because sustainable mobility is beginning to be more and more present in the sector,” says Capello in dialogue with Mobility Portal.

It should be remembered that the first formal presentation of the Vulletic was made at an Automechanika fair held before the COVID-19 pandemic, when the electromobility industry was much more incipient.

“We decided to do it at this event because it is important and attracts a lot of people. In addition, the public is specific since those who visit the exhibition are people who are involved with the sector. For this reason, now that we are more established as a brand, we found it interesting to participate again”, he explains.

Regarding Vulletic’s relationship with the automotive sector and workshops, Capello indicates that “it is very good”.

“In fact, we get a lot of inquiries from the field. We even installed a charger in a workshop in the city of San Francisco in Córdoba. We accompany each other among all the players in the universe of sustainable mobility”, he clarifies.

It is worth mentioning that the most frequent queries made by those interested in buying products from the company has to do with the time of duration of the load and the requirements to install the point.

“The charging question is a bit difficult to answer directly because it varies by plug type and car model. So it is important to know which vehicle is going to be connected in order to give a more accurate response”, comments the partner.

What is the hallmark of Vulletic products?

“The most important attraction and our most interesting value is that we are an Argentine electromobility project that produces its own chargers in the country,” explains Capello.

And he adds: “We want to provide a comprehensive solution with our national industry without depending on other factors.

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