Warner Bros would be considering three options to deal with the Flash movie in the face of Ezra Miller’s controversies

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If we only consider those aspects linked to the production and history of the film, Flash would be in good condition to be presented in theaters during June of next year. After all, the scarlet speedster movie directed by Andy Muschietti (ITEM) would have gotten a good reception in the audience tests and last week, David Zaslav, the CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery mentioned it among DC’s future projects.

But unfortunately the history of The Flash movie will not be dictated only by its proposal and development, but will largely be marked by its protagonist: Ezra Miller.

Although the actor who plays Barry Allen would have participated in the additional filming of the film during the last months, his controversies have not stopped and only in the last days the Vermont Police accused of burglary and they would also have suspicions that the actor would be hiding a woman and her children who are wanted by justice.

In this sense, according to a new article of The Hollywood Reportercurrently Warner Bros would be evaluating three courses of action to Flash:

  • The first option would be Miller will seek professional help and eventually submit an interview to explain his erratic behavior.. Thus, Warner Bros feels that it could do limited promotion for the Flash movie with Miller and release the film in theaters as planned so far.
  • The second scenario that Warner Bros would be considering would involve that Miller ultimately wouldn’t seek help so though Flash It would still be released, the promotion and marketing of the film would have to reduce the prominence of its star who will play two versions of Barry Allen. All while for future projects Miller would be replaced as the scarlet speedster.
  • Finally, the third alternative would represent the worst scenario, a situation in which Miller’s controversy only continues to grow. According to The Hollywood Reporter, in that possible context “Warner will kill the movie completely, since it could not be reshot with a different actor” because Miller plays multiple characters and is in practically every scene.

But although at this point it is impossible to know what will happen, the first and second options seem much more viable and that is that although Warner Bros canceled the Batgirl film, Flash it has a much bigger budget ($200 million) and scrapping a production that cost so much and would be well received in test screenings would be totally unprecedented. In addition, this story about Barry Allen would be key to sorting out Warner Bros’ future ambitions with DC.

So far Ezra Miller has not commented on the controversies in which he is involved or on the future of Flash, but recently he was captured with his mother in Vermont, United States.

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