Warner considers canceling The Flash after the latest Ezra Miller scandals

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MADRID, 11 Aug. (CultureLeisure) –

After the latest scandals Ezra MillerWarner Bros. is considering cancel The Flash. In recent months, its controversial protagonist has grabbed the headlines for having been involved in all kinds of crimes such as child abuse, harassment and public disorder.

Now, his last criminal episode, robbery and breaking and enteringadded to the previous controversies, make rock the future of the DC Universe. And it is that, new information from THR indicates that Warner is considering three possible scenarios for the fate of Flashwhich would hit theaters on June 23, 2023 after 5 years of delays.

The first of them is that Miller seek professional help and give an interview explaining the reason for his controversial behavior. If he agreed, the interpreter of The Advantages of Being a Marginalized would make a limited press tour and the film would be released in theaters normally.

In the event that Miller refused to seek professional help, Warner would set his plan B in motion: premiere the film without the performer participating in its promotion and press tour. This second scenario would also force the study to elect a new barry allen for the future of the DC Universe.

Finally, if Miller continues to record arrests and crimes, before the unable to re-record the tape with a new actorWarner would have no choice but to cancel the premiere of the film. This third possible scenario is the worst for the study, which has already invested $200 million in the film.

However, this new information contrasts with the messages released by the film’s producer, Barbara Muschietti, assuring that the premiere of Flash is not in danger.

It was the Twitter account (@FlashFilmNews) that assured just a few days ago that The premiere of The Flash still stands for 2023, just as planned. The post included a screenshot of a conversation with the producer confirming that, at least for now, things go smoothly for the movie. “All is well in Flash Land”, Muschietti wrote.

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