Was Lou Ferrigno Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Best Rival?

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    Lou Ferrigno was one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s most famous rivals in his golden days as a bodybuilder at Mr. Olympia. Ferrigno, who spent most of his life chasing fame as an actor, was also an exceptional opponent. The former American bodybuilder won two consecutive IFBB Mr. Universe titles, along with a Mr. America title in the early 1970s. His rapid rise in bodybuilding competitions drew comparisons to Arnie.

    Interestingly, Ferrigno trained alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger early in his career. Both consolidated their rivalry after recording the documentary pumping iron (1977). The documentary showed, among other things, Ferrigno’s attempt to beat Arnold Schwarzenegger at the 1975 Olympia.

    Lou Ferrigno was 17 years old when he first saw Arnold Schwarzenegger compete in Mr. Olympia. And within a few years, he burst onto the bodybuilding scene, winning the overall title at the IFBB Mr. America Contest in New York at just 21 years old.

    The similarities between the physiques of Ferrigno and Schwarzenegger created a lot of excitement among fans of the sport. Ferrigno was taller and heavier than Arnie, but he was no match for his muscular quality. Even so, they staged a duel of giants in bodybuilding. The question is: Was Lou Ferrigno stronger than Arnold Schwarzenegger?

    Ferrigno, TV star

    The long-awaited confrontation between the two bodybuilders took place in 1974. However, the contest did not live up to expectations. Ferrigno faced Schwarzenegger in the category of more than 100 kilos and lost. The current champion won his fifth Mr. Olympia title, easily beating the newcomer. Ferrigno never managed to beat his rival as he finished third the following year.

    After his bodybuilding days, Ferrigno found fame as an actor, landing the lead role in the television series The incredible Hulk. Now, Lou Ferrigno even maintains his perfect abs at 70 years old.

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