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According to a video broadcast by European media, the Catalan footballer he can no longer even enter the house he shared with when they got married. Two months after announcing their breakup, they have still not reached a separation agreement and the problems do not seem to end. All the details, in our note.

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According to a video broadcast by Europa News, the Barcelona FC footballer could not even enter the mansion he shared with the singer when he was married, and every time he has to go pick up his children, he has to wait at the door as if was a person outside the family.

Milan and Sasha would have arrived in Barcelona after having spent a three-week vacation with their mother, the singer Shakira, in the United States and Mexico; finally reuniting with her father. Currently, Gerard Piqué’s lawyers supposedly have reached a prior agreement, so that this reunion could have taken place.


As very close sources point out, their lawyers have maintained a tense “tug of war” with the two children of the former couple: Milan and Sasha; while they are still in the midst of these difficult times, we must continue to find ways to give them the highest priority.

And it has been speculated that the singer is looking to move to Miami with the children to start her career in the United States, despite the fact that the footballer is struggling to gain a foothold at Barcelona, ​​although Xavi Hernández cannot secure ownership. Gerard Piqué resists his children leaving Barcelona, ​​where they have a school, friends and family, with whom they are very close and have grown up with them.

The negotiations to reach an agreement took longer than expected since no one wanted to give in in relation to their children and the environment of Shakira and Piqué kept silent about it. Although at no time did it seem that it would be easy, and the relationship between the former couple is not friendly at all.

So much so that the Catalan soccer player seems to no longer even enter the family home, having to wait at the door like a “stranger” every time he goes to pick up the children.

Football player had to wait a little over 10 minutes so that she can finally see her children. In the video taken by the paparazzi it is seen that he has time to organize the trunk of his car, wait a while longer inside the car and finally goes back to the door to receive his little ones and a suitcase that is remarkably heavy, apparently in where all the things your children need to spend a few summer days at your side go.

Watch here the video where Piqué was captured outside Shakira’s house, waiting for his children.


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