Watch the first trailer for Bardo, the new film by Iñárritu

After a complicated reception in Venice, Netflix has released the first trailer for BARD, false cronic of a few truthsthe new film by Alejandro González Iñárritu.

In the film, Daniel Giménez Cacho plays Silverio, a Mexican journalist based in the United States who has an existential crisis when he returns to his country to receive an award.

With ‘I Am the Walrus’ in the background, the trailer shows different dream situations in which Silverio will find himself throughout the film. In one part, he has his feet nailed to the stage; in another, he scales a pile of bodies in Mexico City’s Zócalo.

Along with the trailer came the news that the version of Bard which will be screened from now on –and which will arrive on Netflix on December 16– will be 22 minutes shorter than the one presented in the Venice International Film Festival.

The change comes after the film received harsh criticism at the festival, some of them focused on the length of the film.

Other film critics, however, have praised the film, especially for the way it touches on identity.

For his part, Iñárritu commented in an interview with IndieWire that he has not read any review, and that he made the decision to publish his work after seeing the cut screened at the festival. “The first time I saw my film was with 2,000 people in Venice,” said the filmmaker. “It was a good opportunity to realize things that could benefit from a little tweaking.” Even with this new version, the director does not rule out continuing to edit the film before finishing the festival circuit.

Before its premiere on Netflix, the film will hit Mexican theaters on October 27. Then it will have limited releases in some countries during the month of November.

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