“We must not look for culprits in the Jutglà march”

Little given to public appearances, the youth soccer coordinator, Luis Vicente Mateo, gave his first interview to a media outlet (‘La Grada’) this Friday afternoon, taking advantage of the national team break. The quarry does not stop, ‘non stop’ 24 hours. “We must work and not give interviews”, The person in charge in Sant Adrià who came from the hand of Francisco Rufete in the 2020-21 campaign excused himself. Apart from assessing the different situations of various players from the quarry, Mateo reviewed other current aspects and also the role model at the base.

One of them is the criteria when recruiting players. Mateo considers that football “is changing”. “A gym has been built in the back to adapt the players to 2022. We went to the market to look for powerful and conditionally prepared footballers, but with good technical and tactical ability”commented the coordinator, who made it clear that the work carried out during this time cannot yet be judged, although he considers that the club has a solid foundation: “Results can never be measured one or two years after starting a project. If we talk about players, we are positioned in Spain and in Europe as one of the best academies. We see many footballers who settle in the training sessions and the calls in the First Division”said.

Mateo explained that this season only “a youngest child” has gone to Barça and that the club has stopped this bleeding although the blue and white club is still “The best catchment area for Barça, because we are next to it and we have good players”. One of the players who made that change was Ferran Jutglà, from the perico subsidiary, who went to Barcelona the previous season, made his debut in the first team and now scores with the Belgian Bruges. Mateo made it clear that “there is no need to look for blame” and transparently explained the situation.

Ferran Jutglà's goal was not enough for Espanyol B to score points against Barcelona B.


Ferran Jutglà’s goal was not enough for Espanyol B to score points against Barcelona B.Gorka LeizaJOURNAL AS

“In 2021 the contract ended. It was not his best campaign in B. We tried to renew him. If his performance had been high, he would have gone to the first team. But many factors played a role. The economic amount that the player asked for or that condition of being in the first team yes or yes. We offered him a nice project, but we didn’t offer him that first team. The boy made a decision,” he commented. Another controversial case is that of Carlos Alemán, who took the entity to court for a dispute with his contract. “I have been trying to renew it for two years, it has a lot of potential. For eight or ten months he has had the best offer from the quarry in the history of Espanyol. We can’t keep him, the family chooses. It is irreversible. We all lose. The boy is worried. Espanyol is above all”. The footballer trains but does not play because he does not want to renew.

The coordinator also assured that Dani Villahermosa, who has not yet debuted with the first team, will play with the subsidiary this Saturday against Hércules and that when stop the competition for the World Cup dispute the subsidiary will have the reinforcements of the players who regularly go with the first team. I hope that the subsidiary finally rises to the First RFEF and scored “the daily demand” also in the choice of coaches.

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