“We need a Mental Health law that works on prevention”

(CNN Radio Argentina) – Stella MaurigSocio-Therapeutic operator in Addictions, assured this Friday in CNN Radio that “in Argentina we do not have a mental health law specific to addictions and that is what we urgently need”.

Stella Maurig, who has spent years fighting for a specific law to address the problem of addictions, explained in Los Primeros de la Tarde, with Pepe Gil Vidal: “We need something specific because kids are dying every day. You have to see reality. The deputies and senators have to listen to us. You have to make a section for addictions. This no longer works”.

The deputies and senators have to listen to us

“There is great pain for families who have their loved ones hospitalized”, he added, and recalled his story: “A few years ago I started this claim when my son who was addicted died. I went out to ask for a law, I was in the Senate on July 4 speaking and I am elbow to elbow with people who are committed.

In this order, Maurig considered: “We need an integrating law so that prevention works from an early age. You have to teach the consequences that consumption brings.”

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