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Honda is in crisis. They were looking to improve their situation with the passing of a summer full of work, but the situation is more dramatic than before. The ‘golden wing’ brand has bottomed out. And Marc Márquez already has to take action on the matter. The Cervera pilot, who is still focused on the full recovery of his arm after a fourth operation, will travel to Austria next week. Far from getting on a motorcycle, the world champion will be part of the work team inside the different boxes, knowing first-hand the situation of the brand and doing everything possible to be able to provide a solution to the factory. Or at least, to be able to show the right way to get back to the front of the grid.

But not everything will come by magic. Although Márquez’s help will be key for HRC, it will not be enough and the man from Lleida takes advantage of his interview with DAZN to send a message to the factory: “We Honda riders need help from Japan, for there to be some change. All the pilots are suffering. What I have run this year too I was suffering, not only because of the arm but also because I hadn’t just felt good on the bike and that’s where we are bound to make a change and to fight for the World Cup in the coming seasons”. “I look for Honda, for the team. My intention and my hope is to see HRC as the highest. For this we need teamwork, so that information is not lost on the way between Japan and Europe”, adds Marc.

Despite being aware of everything that happens inside the factory, Márquez’s priority remains his physical condition. He had surgery on his arm for the fourth time at the beginning of last June and, although he has begun to strengthen in the gym, he takes it easy and forces just enough. Deadlines are not yet known, much less his return to competition, but a new TAC at the end of August will decide what the next step is: “You have to see an evolution in the bone and it will give us the answer as to whether we can increase recovery or not (…) If for X reason I have to extend the recovery for two weeks, I will have to do it, because I cannot throw away all the work that has been done so far. When the doctors say ‘ok’ and I have enough strength, One of the first things I will do is ride a motorcycleBecause that’s where the specific muscles you need are going to work best and we can get to 100% as soon as possible.”

interesting signings

Like any other viewer from the comfort of your home, Marc Márquez is closely following this crazy transfer market. Suzuki’s departure from MotoGP has shaken the World Championship like an earthquake and its two riders are desperately looking (or were looking) for a place where they can compete next 2023. Rins has found it in the LCR Honda and his partner, Joan Mir, seems to follow the same path, although towards the official team of the brand. However, Márquez calls for calm and admits that “there is nothing confirmed, at least to my knowledge.”

About the rest of the movements, Marc makes his own balance: “It’s been an interesting year in terms of signings. There are many movements. The riders who used to be Honda have moved, my brother to Ducati, Pol to KTM… There are two free places left, one will be occupied by Alex Rins, a great driver as he showed at Silverstone, where he was at a great level”. And he supports his brother, Álex, in his new adventure with Gresini Racing: “We live together and, talking to him, I needed a different motivation. It’s hard to stay motivated competing and falling so far behind.”

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