What do the colors of the ‘lights of temptation’ mean in ‘The Island of Temptations’

The island of temptations 5 has begun on Telecinco, a first program in which viewers have been able to put face to the five couples who are going to put their love to the testas well as the group of single men and women who will try to make them fall into temptation.

In addition, the novelties of this new edition have been presented, in which the one known as ‘the light of temptation’ has attracted attention. This light is no longer simply a red light signal that comes on when one of the couples exceeds the limits, instead, five lights of five different colors have been installed.

The five colors of the ‘light of temptation’

Red, blue, pink, green and orange are the colors of the five lights that have been installed in each of the villas and, as the presenter Sandra Barneda explained during the broadcast of the first episode, each of them will correspond to each of the couples.

“The ‘light of temptation’ is no longer as you knew it”, explained Sandra Barneda to the girls. “It multiplies by five”, has continued. Thus, she has confirmed that each light will correspond to each of the couples, activating each time they exceed the limits that they and they have set.

However, it has not yet been revealed which of the lights will belong to each couple and they themselves will not know which is the light of their partner, a fact that they will get to know as these fixed limits are exceeded.


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