What equipment do I need to prepare a fruit juice – NBC 7 Miami (51)

Today, many of us have started drinking vegetable or fruit juices at home in order to reap the health benefits of those foods. Some simply place the food in a juicer, but there are specific equipment and techniques to obtain greater benefits.

In a recent virtual meeting with juice therapist JJ La Rosa we talked about how best to prepare these juices. I specifically asked about what equipment is needed to prepare a beneficial juice?

JJ La Rosa, juice therapist of “Monkylife”, explains that “there is a big difference between a smoothie and a juice. When we go to extract juices, we want an extractor. It is a special machine, there are different models, there are different versions, there are different brands, there are different prices. I always tell people to get a pump that fits your pocket.”

“I started, I remember my first time with a fifty-dollar extractor. This would be a masticator. There are others that are centrifugal, right? They have like a disk. They go at a much faster speed, unlike this one that goes in a slower way, chew, extract softly, and the nutrients can be preserved much more”, advises JJ La Rosa.

The juice therapist says that the centrifuge ones are also good, if you are going to drink the juice immediately, and the models known as cold pressing are better to preserve the nutrients for more days.


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