What if my Netflix account is suspended

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When Netflix could not process the payment of an account, it shows the following message: “Your account is suspended due to a problem with the last payment.” This makes it impossible for users to access the content of the platform in streaming and there are several reasons why it could have happened:

  • that there is not enough money in the registered payment method.
  • That the payment method has expired or that it is no longer valid.
  • That your bank has not approved the payment.
  • That the payment information provided in Netflix does not match.

In these cases, Netflix proposes two solutions: change the payment method or call the bank.

Netflix is ​​the most consumed platform with streaming series and movies in the world.

Change payment method

“You can try the same payment method again by entering the current account information again or you can try a different payment option,” they point out from the help center from Netflix. In the event that this has been done and the account is still suspended, the platform explains that the user can try clicking on ‘Back’ or ‘Update’ the system.

In addition to these two options proposed by the company, they report that they also automatically retry to collect the erroneous payments periodically during the billing cycle.

Contact the bank

The ideal is to make sure that there is enough money in the account to cover the Netflix payment and that we have not inadvertently rejected the payment. If you don’t see anything out of place, users should contact their financial institution and ask what could be the cause and if they could fix it.

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