what is a reel and its differences with a story

Instagram deepens its video strategy with more and more recording and editing features. What to know about each tool

Instagram is the flagship app for photos and now also for videos. In fact, the social network has been increasing this position for some time now; first with the storiesa format that was added to its service in 2016, and more recently with the reels.

Inspired by Snapchat and TikTokrespectively, Meta, owner of Instagram, has been working on the constant redesign of the platform for years And that includes the attention given to short videos, which are all the rage among young and old.

In fact, the company recently tested a new option that converts all videos that are published into ‘reels’, a strategy with which it hopes “simplify and enhance the video experience“, as confirmed by a spokesman for Meta.

But, What are reels, stories and how do they differ on Instagram?

Instagram: what is a reel?

The reels are short videos, with a duration that can go from 15 to 90 seconds, which introduce audio effects, effects or filters and are collected in the lower function bar. It shows the contents that are trending or the most followed by the user.

People can share Reels with followers in News Feed, and those with the public account will be able to post their videos to the “Explore“. This way the Reels will be visible to a wider audience.

Instagram reels are short videos, with a duration that can range from 15 to 90 seconds, that introduce audio effects, effects or filters

To do a reelyou just have to press the upper option that indicates the “+“, and there will be a series of options, being “Reels” one of them.

On the left side of the screen you will find a variety of creative tools to help you create these videosamong which are:

  • Audio: Select a song from the music library on Instagram to appear on your reel. You can also use your original audio simply by recording a reel. When you use an original audio, it is attributed to you and if you have your public account, other users will be able to use your audio by selecting the “Use Audio” option that will appear on your reel. For example, if you record a reel that encourages people to vote, our users will be able to click on the “Use Audio” option and create their own versions with your audio.
  • Augmented Reality Effects: Select one of the available effects in the augmented reality library created by Instagram and creators from all over the world, you will be able to record several clips using different effects. For example, using the “Green Screen” effect you can put a selected beach photo from your camera roll in the background and record a summer-themed video with your friends.
  • timer: Using the timer tool will allow you to record hands-free. Once you click record, a 3-second countdown will appear before starting to record the clip for the time you have selected.
  • Align tool– Align the shots of your clips before recording the next one for a smooth transition when recording outfit changes or adding friends to your reel.
  • Speed: At the time of recording you can speed up or slow down a specific part of the selected video or audio, this tool helps you to keep the rhythm or make slow motion videos.

In addition to the share button you will have the option to save your videos as drafts and return to your reel afterwards. When you share your reel it will be added to a special tab for reels in your profile and the app will allow you to choose if the user wants it to be shared. display in the person’s feed or not.

Instagram: what is a story and how is it different from the reel?

the stories of Instagram they are photos or videos in vertical format that disappear after 24 hours. They don’t appear in the news feed of Instagrambut at the top of the application.

These allow the incorporation of interactive tools such as stickers, polls, quizzes, links, mentions, hashtags and filters to make the content stand out.

The main difference with a reel is the duration, since the “stories” last a maximum of 15 seconds each. However, accounts can share multiple 15-second clips throughout the day to tell a longer, more detailed story.

Instagram stories

Instagram stories are photos or videos in vertical format that disappear after 24 hours

The other main difference is that, the reels do not automatically disappear after 24 hourssince the latter function as one more publication of the user.

Anyway, the storys can be saved as “featured stories” if the user wishes and they will be shown with a special circle for each featured on their profile.

Instagram, on the way to dethroning TikTok?

Meta, owner of Instagram, has been working for months on the redesign of its application, after revealing that the ‘reels’ currently represent more than 20% of the time that people dedicate to the social network.

Among some of the modifications carried out, one of the most outstanding is that of a new interface of the ‘feed’, which offers the content in full screen, very similar to the TikTok format.

Also, the company recently tested a new option that turns all the videos that are published into ‘reels’, a strategy with which it hopes “simplify and enhance the video experience“, as confirmed by a spokesman for Meta.

These changes, still in the testing phase and to which only some users had access, were not well received by the social network community, which suggests that the ‘reels’ act to the detriment of the usual publications of the ‘feed’.


Instagram released new updates to prioritize reels on its platform

Among some of the dissenting voices are the ‘influencers’ Kylie Jenner either kim kardashianwho showed their disagreement through their personal accounts, followed by millions of people.

Despite this general discontent, from Instagram they insisted that their strategy will continue to focus on promoting the ‘reels’, as expressed by the director of the platform, Adam Mosseri.


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