What is this plant? iOS 16 has a hidden visual search engine on our iPhone that few know about and it goes beyond gardening

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What our iPhones are capable of achieving with the information from the cameras is really impressive. Functions such as Live Text, to recognize text or the visual search engine that allows us to recognize plants, animals and monuments they are really interesting. News that came with iOS 15but that in iOS 16 They evolve remarkably.

Visual Lookup: a photo and all the information appears

For years there have been different applications that offer us to recognize objects with enough precision. But what Apple achieved in iOS 15 with Visual Search is truly impressive. We are talking not only about the fact that it is a free service integrated into the system that also respects our privacy, but also that the quality of the results is really amazing.

In iOS 15 this feature came to allow us to recognize plants, cats, dogs, famous photos or paintings, books and monuments. Now in iOS 16 its capabilities are extended to be able to recognize the species of bird that we photograph, of insect and also to recognize statues. The steps to follow to obtain information from these real-world elements They are quite simple, specifically these:

  1. We open the app Camera on our iPhone.
  2. We photograph the object that interests us.
  3. We touch the photo we just took in the lower left.
  4. We touch the “i” at the bottom whenever a small star appears on it.
  5. We touch the center of the image that we want to recognize.

Under the title Siri Information Information will automatically appear in the form of Wikipedia entries on the element. In addition, immediately below appear Similar web imageswhich can be used to finish profiling the results by simple comparison or to find information on the web about the elements.

While there are apps that help us get through from being clueless to taking care of our plants like a prothe Visual Lookup function will allow us to have much more information about the plants around us, and also about the birds, insects, cats, dogs… and all with a simple photo.

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