what objects you must make to get the All Ready trophy

Continue the review of the trophies of The Last of Us Part I so you can get the Platinum Trophy. Throughout your adventure with Joel and Ellie you can make a good number of items by accessing the backpack you carry on your back. One of the game’s trophies is called All Ready and it consists of creating a series of objects, but which ones?

The All Ready Trophy The Last of Us Part I says the following: “Craft all items“. This is a total of 6 objects that you must craft or manufacture using the crafting menu. Under normal conditions and low difficulties, it should be an almost free trophy. However, you can bypass it if you go for higher difficulties with very limited resources.

In any case, you must craft the following items at least once:





for trophy

first aid kits

available by default

Alcohol + Rags

Restores a large amount of health


molotov cocktails

It is obtained in Las Outskirts, El Centro, after going down to an underground area.

Alcohol + Rags

They explode on impact and set the area on fire. Its effect can be enhanced by Training Manuals.



It is unlocked by progressing through the story.

Scissors + Adhesive

You can instantly kill enemies while stealthed, break out of clicker grabs, and open locked doors.


Nail Bombs

Bill’s Gift: Bill’s Shelter in Bill’s Town.

Scissors + Explosives

They explode when an enemy walks near them.


Smoke bomb

You get the recipe in Pittsburgh, after escaping from the ambush

Sugar + Explosives

They explode creating a smoke screen that allows you to distract enemies and make them lose sight of you.


Melee Weapon Upgrades

It is unlocked by progressing through the story.

Adhesive + Scissors + Melee Weapon

Allows you to upgrade melee weapons for one or multiple chances (upgrades with Training Manuals) to kill an enemy in one hit. Improves weapon durability.


The first aid kits, Nail Bombs Y Smoke bombs are the items you only need to craft for this trophy, while the daggers and the Melee Upgrades are needed for trophies master locksmith Y Create them and destroy them respectively.

If you want to make sure you get this trophy, the solution is very simple: craft one of these items as soon as you have the chance. At the end, you get the trophy for accumulation.

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