What role do ERPs play in the automotive sector?

Héctor García, CEO and co-founder of netsoft

The operation of companies in the automotive sector requires an ERP software that meets the demand and Netsoft can help with it.

netsoft, partner of Oracle NetSuite in Latam, explained the benefits that a company in the automotive sector receives by having a erp-softwarewhich generally provides companies in the sector with key functionalities.

Héctor García, CEO and co-founder of netsoftnoted that a erp-software It allows administrative operators to have financial management on a single platform, which will give them a more transparent and better informed coordination on the different points of sale, agencies, offices, warehouses or warehouses, with information in real time.

In vehicle production, ERP systems they broaden the visibility of the demand for the different types of vehicles and auto parts, helping operators to establish priorities and redouble efforts in the manufacture of those with the greatest demand.

On the other hand, the data managed and analyzed by a erp-softwareallows detecting anomalies in all processes, even in those that at first glance do not generate effects, but that in the long run generate losses of time and money, so that they make the operation more efficient.

A erp-software It allows making adjustments in operations and anticipating problems in the manufacturing process, since it also handles supplier management and speeds up the supply of parts.

Companies in the automotive sector with a ERP they will be able to manage their inventory and record the import process by linking it to the inventory in order to keep all operations afloat.

“The erp-software and automation allow to minimize the margin of error, and improve the profitability of the production, transportation and sales processes within this key industry”.

Hector Garcia, CEO of Netsoft.

Automotive sector and its importance in Mexico

Mexico ranks seventh in the world as a producer of vehicles and is the first in Latin America. According to the National Auto Parts Industry (INA), of every 100 vehicles produced in the world, 3.9 were assembled in Mexico.

The INA also pointed out that the manufacture of vehicles and auto parts represents 31% of Mexico’s manufacturing and represents 18.3% of the national manufacturing GDP.

That is why this industry is a priority in Mexico and must use cutting-edge technology to boost operations and foster growth within the sector.

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In that sense, netsoftwith 15 years of experience in which it has managed to position itself as a specialized partner in Latin America, is capable of delivering a erp-software and make developments on it tailored to the client and carry specialized budget modules, supplier portal and point of sale and support.

The firm serves more than 200 successful implementations and more than 200 specialized members, focused on serving solutions for industries such as corporate, multi-country companies, retail, backoffice (ecommerce and apps), startups, as well as of course the automotive sector.

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