what the Cardano update is about

The new and long-awaited fork of Cardano is the most important update of the blockchain. Know what it is

After several months of delays, the Cardano Vasil upgrade and hard fork finally went live on Thursday at 9:44 pm UTCbringing “significant performance and capacity” improvements to the blockchain.

The success of the Cardano mainnet fork was announced by blockchain firm Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK) on Twitter, while others also watched the hard fork in a Twitter Spaces live with Cardano co-founder Charles Hoskinson. .

IOHK previously stated that the significant updates brought by the fork is the transmission of blocks without full validation, allowing faster block creation.

Updates to your smart contracts, Plutoto increase efficiency they also allow decentralized applications to be deployed and run at a lower cost.

Cardano: its long-awaited update

New capabilities brought by Plutus script updates will be available to developers on the mainnet on September 27after a time that currently lasts about five days.

bill barhydtfounder of the cryptocurrency trading platform, called the update a “huge win for developers.”

Cardano has a new update

In addition, he highlighted that “it is one of the most complex and consequential updates of the Cardano network that has been done.”

The update date was announced in early September by IOHK, while the “critical mass indicators” needed to trigger the fork were reached within 24 hours of the event.

Cardano: what is the Hard Fork Vasil

Vasil arrives in simple words to bring significant performance and capacity improvements. The platform has added steady benefits over the past two years, such as the ability to host more smart contracts and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Even so, Vasil represents the most significant update since the Alonzo hard fork, completed last year. According to its founders, Vasil will streamline network flow and improve the consensus layer, a change that will facilitate the creation of blocks and allow higher profits in the system.

“Among its improvements, numerous advances will be applied in the Plutus development language (a tool that provides its own programming language for Cardano), allowing developers to create more powerful, secure and efficient applications”, illustrates iProUP Lucas Machiavelliambassador and co-founder of the Cardano Foundation in Latam.

For his part, Mariano Galdo, CEO of Grava Digital, highlights iProUP that it is an “iteration” in the development within a defined roadmap: “From the previous architecture, new parts are added to this that provide stability, performance and scalability”.


The new capabilities will be available on September 27

Cardano: Why Was Vasil Delayed Numerous Times?

Just as the euphoria of the community settled on the eve of their arrival, so did the frustration with successive delays of the project, which was scheduled for early 2022. On this point, Galdo lists a series of causes that are, for the most part, merely technicalbut “all part of development” and that “does not necessarily mean that the system is fragile”:

  • It is better strategy that the integrations are “gradual” and not “explosive” to anticipate any inconvenience in time and give more possibilities for maneuver
  • It is superior that development and integration flow between parts and not necessarily act without measuring consequences. The blockchain needs exchanges, developers and integrators
  • The strength of the proposal is reflected in the quality of its testnet., in which everything that happened was public and its solutions transparent. While a portion of the ecosystem is concerned that it fails, it’s totally normal and even better if it happens.

Emphasizing the last item, Galdo adds that the production system will be “much more solid if it expresses concern for quality over urgency.”

Martinez indicates that the delay of this solution is because Cardano has a “practicing field (or sandbox)”, in which people try new versions, try to break updates, etc. ”

In this testing process, the Cardano technical community found areas that could be improved and, from there, it was decided to correct them before continuing with the launch.


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