What the new League of Legends jungle will look like in 2023

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Although we still have Worlds ahead, in the Riot offices they are already working on what will be next year that comes with strong news. See what they are about.

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A few months before the start of the 2023 preseason, Riot Games advanced us some of the changes that will come. The jungle is the main objective and will arrive renewed: there will be several helps for those who are dabbling in the role. Everything that is coming in League of Legends, here, in TyC Sports E.

Preseason 2023 in League of Legends | all the changes that are coming in the jungle: pets, monster range, pings and more

The last preseason in League of Legends brought with it strong additions to the game: two ferocious dragons with souls that generated controversy, especially due to Technochemistry, which has not yet returned to the Rift. Also, many new items arrived to freshen up the store. The coming pre-season will also give a lot to talk about, especially in the role of the jungle. For those unfamiliar with the role and new to LoL, the jungle can be very hostile. These changes are targeted for them.

The first thing they will do is suggest routes through the jungle so that the player can concentrate on other aspects of the map not being used to the role. They also want all champions in the jungle to be able to clear it at a similar speed. since there are characters that do it very fast and others very slow and this leaves them out of the meta.


Another adjustment that Riot will make is aimed at marking the range of motion of the camp. In this way, the player will know how far he can move the monster without it escaping and recovering all his life.

The addition of a pet that follows the jungler is the most impressive novelty. It will feed as you take on the monsters and being at its peak will give you some bonus that Riot has not yet revealed. The usefulness of this pet can also have to do with leaving some buff to the jungler in case he decides to grant a camp buff to a companion, so I wouldn’t lose so much experience or gold. This pet feature already existed in Season 5 with an item but after multiple adjustments, they ended up removing it from the game.

lol pet

2023 preseason in League of Legends: new communication pings

Riotter Matthew Leung-Harrison explains in the video that LoL lagged behind other games from the company in terms of communication pings. For this reason, and to make it easier for the jungler, new ping tools will be added next year. Freeze Wave, Damage Enemy, Initiate, and Push signals, among others, will be added.

lol pings

Preseason 2023 in League of Legends: the Technochemical Dragon returns

The Dragona incorporated at the beginning of the year generated a lot of controversy due to the incredible power of the soul that allowed it to revive to continue in battle. Therefore, the developer took her out of the game until a fair balance was achieved with her. Looks like it’s time for his return.

The Technochem soul will no longer revive but will grant increased damage when health drops below a critical percentage. It will also grant damage mitigation when you are low on health. When the terrain of the Rift is modified by the Technochemical Dragon, the plants on the map will be boosted: The one that gives vision will grant movement speed to revealed champions and the one that explodes will launch you a greater distance.

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