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On certain occasions, WhatsApp will ask us if we want to share our phone number when communicating with certain business accounts.

One of the peculiarities of WhatsApp is that our phone number will end up being exposed to the rest of the contacts if we talk to them or join a particular group, but it seems that the instant messaging application is lately launching a series of functions that They are going to try to safeguard our privacy a little more.

And yet recently WhatsApp has been experimenting with a new community-related feature in the form of a new privacy setting within a group’s information section.

And it is that this new feature shows the ability or not to share the phone number in a certain subgroup of a community, our number appearing hidden by default unless the administrator has previously changed it.

As we said, this functionality is only aimed at the community topic, but thanks to the android beta version we know that now we can too share or not our phone number when communicating with different WhatsApp accountsspecifically with business accounts.

And it is that once this feature is available, when we communicate with a business account such as a company or a store, we will be asked beforehand if we want to share our phone number when starting this conversation, as you can see above in the capture of wabetainfo.

In this way, when communicating with a certain business, the telephone number will remain hidden if we have decided so, which will safeguard our privacy much more.

This is very important, because on certain occasions users are deprived of communicating with some business accounts due to mistrust.

In any case, it is a feature under development, and since WhatsApp is quite slow when it comes to releasing these new features in the stable version, it is likely that we will not have it available until the end of the year.

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