WhatsApp will allow you to recover the messages you delete just for you on Android

The news of WhatsApp do not stop arriving. Recently, we inform of their updates regarding privacy that they were implementing. Now it seems that its developers They are working so that users can recover messages deleted by mistake.

WhatsApp included the ability to delete chat messages a few years ago. Since then, there are not a few consumers of the app instant messaging that they have made a mistake and have deleted a message by clicking on the option ‘only for me’ and not in the erase ‘for all’.

Deleting a ‘me only’ message allows others in the conversation to continue reading it. Sometimes when a person regrets sending a message and tries to delete it, they make a mistake and click ‘just for you’ instead of deleting it for everyone else.

Recently, the Meta app fixed this issue in its latest beta version of iOS. Apple customers have been able to recover deleted messages for themselves for a while now. For now, those of Android They could not yet enjoy this advantage, but WABetaInfo assures that this will change very soon.

In a publication From the website specialized in announcing WhatsApp news, they detail that the option that is already available on iOS has begun to be tested for Android WABetaInfo explains that the feature is available to a lucky few, although it will end up being released for everyone.

Users will only have a few seconds to fix their mistake.
Users will only have a few seconds to fix their mistake.

Specifically, the tool will allow users to undo the ‘delete for me’ right after agreeing to do so. Only then can the message be recovered, but it is more than enough to correct the error and the user can actually delete the message in the chat for everyone.

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