“Where families don’t have to run away to find a future”

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The Cuban singer-songwriter Charles Varela He asked for a better Cuba, without political prisoners or censored artists, at his concert in Valencia last Friday, as the culmination of his tour of several cities in Spain.

For almost two hours, accompanied only by his guitar and the Cuban pianist Jorge Aragón, Varela performed before a a mostly Cuban audience that packed the La Salà concert hall.

The troubadour began his presentation with a “Viva Cuba libre” that was supported by the attendees, among whom cries of Homeland and Life, freedom and some Diaz-Canel singao were heard.

At the end of the concert, the singer asked his followers to turn on their cell phones.

“I want a light for Cuba, a light for a Cuba where the family does not have to flee to look for a future; a light for a country where all Cubans are wherever they are, think as they think, have the same rights; a light for a Cuba without political prisoners, without regulated, monitored artists; a light for a better Cuba, which we deserve,” he said.

Varela sang anthological songs with his fans such as “Photo de Familia”, “Leñador”, “Como un Ángel” and “Pequeños Sueños”, all from his album “Como los pez” (1994).

He also performed songs from the album “Clouds” (2000) such as “Una voz”, “Muros y Puertas” and “Clouds”.

He did not forget his emblematic “Memorias”, from the album Jalisco Park (1989); “Siete”, from the self-titled album (2003); Backdrop, from the album “No es el fin” (2009), and his new one theme with Sweet Lizzy Project, “La Feria de los Tontos”among other of his creations, with which he pleased the public that demanded more time and time again.

Tickets were sold out days before the show.

Last weekend Varela offered two concerts in Madrid, which he said were “two magical nights full of many emotions.

As part of your tour in Spain, which began in Augustthe singer-songwriter performed before in Barcelona and in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

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