where to dump Ellie after a good job to get the Hanged Girl trophy

Yes ok The Last of Us Part I It has moments that can be described as cruel, there is one that is a true insult to friendship and respect… And on top of that, they reward your betrayal with a trophy! Here is how you can get it.

He leaves Ellie hanging in The Last of Us Part I

Joel and Ellie’s relationship has had many ups and downs over the years. The Last of Us Part I Y The Last of Us Part II. They have had very good moments with authentic father-daughter affection and very bad moments, so much so that the end could be seen.

The Hanged Girl trophy represents one of those “ugly” things that Joel can do to Ellie at one point in their adventure. After fleeing Pittsburgh, overcoming the sewers and the suburbs, you arrive at the hydroelectric damwhere the tommy’s camp (Joel’s brother).

Before arriving, you must overcome certain obstacles and one of them is where you must obtain this trophy. You have to carry Ellie on a wooden pallet over the river for her to turn a gate on the dam so Joel can get through.

When you get to the other end, Ellie puts her hand up for you to bump into as she says “Teamwork“. To get the Hanged Girl trophy you have to let her down. DO NOT high-five her. The trophy will pop and Ellie will reply “Are you seriously going to leave me hanging like this? All right, got it… I just had to hit her. It doesn’t take five seconds“.

Not giving a high five to a friend is a very ugly thing, and even more so to Ellie! It is the price you must pay to get this trophy and the Platinum of the game. This is the strangest trophy in the game and probably hides a story. In any case, you have taken another step on your way to 100%.

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