Why technology should dance the water to sustainability

Sustainability is being strongly leveraged in all areas, including technology, which aspires to be greener and therefore does not take away from protecting the environment.

The sustainability it is the axis around which pivots a myriad of debates in today’s society. The protection of the environment is on everyone’s lips and it is being leveraged in areas that until recently were practically unrelated to this trend. This is the case of technology, which aspires to be greener and therefore does not take its eye off sustainability.

The phenomenal duo of technology and sustainability has been talked about at length this week in dream forcethe massive annual event of the American CRM giant Salesforce.

«Five years ago sustainability was not a real topic of discussion among CIOs. And here we would be talking about the most efficient administration of servers, but in no way about sustainability”, admitted Juan Pérez, CIO of Salesforce, during a round table held at Dreamforce on the increasingly relevant role of sustainability in the “techie” branch.

According to Pérez, technology is coming to the forefront not only to measure the metrics directly related to sustainability, but also to implement environmentally friendly solutions.

For her part, Penelope Prett, CIO of Accenture, believes that within companies the chief information officer really has the ability to bring corporate sustainability efforts together in one place.

Technological departments are owners of a privileged position when it comes to bringing together in a single place the different perspectives on sustainability

«Each department approaches sustainability from its particular point of view. The resources department focuses on the recruitment of personnel and the financial department is more focused, for its part, on tracking CO2 emissions. I really believe that the CIO is in a unique position to bring all points of view together and unify them into a single product or a single voice.. We need to capitalize on this circumstance for our own benefit,” Prett stressed.

That technology and sustainability go hand in hand with companies implies, on the other hand, having the courage to increase investment and manage higher budgets than initially planned for the sake of greater efficiencyunderlined George Maddaloni, CTO for Operations at Mastercard.

Pérez insisted, on the other hand, that companies that decide to commit to sustainability must necessarily look at the metrics. “It’s extremely important to have the right technologies and tools to measure how you’re progressing on the commitments you make,” emphasized the Salesforce CIO.

“Data is essential for quality reporting and managing all the different metrics at your disposal. Having a strong data strategy is good not only for doing business but also for evaluating sustainability commitments”Perez stressed.

While a large economic cloud seems to be on the horizon, it seems that an eventual recession will not affect the strong commitment of companies to sustainability. “Companies have left behind the phase in which they were merely limited to not harming the environment. We are entering a new phase, in which, based on the available technology, we can begin to actively help rebuild the planet after so many years of damage, “added Prett.

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