William Levy, in love with Spain: “I love suckling pig”

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    It’s hard not to be attracted to William Levy (Havana, 1980). In reality it is impossible, why should we deceive ourselves. His attractiveness, his tone of voice, his smile, his education… Everything about him shines in an almost superhuman way. Seeing him in person is another story, although most people regard him as one of the family after the success of woman-fragranced coffee, remake of the telenovela of the same title from 1994 and which has been most watched on netflix since spring. As if this were not enough, his image is still very present in our lives since El Corte Inglés chose him as the image for its fashion campaigns and, on the occasion of the presentation of the new autumn-winter season, we had the opportunity to sit down and chat for a time with the Cuban actor, producer and model.

    Internationally successful film, theater and television actor, did you ever imagine that your life would be as it is now?
    I have always fought to be able to reach the highest level, I am very happy with the repercussion that the last works have had and I hope that you like everything that comes even more.

    What was your first contact with acting?
    At the age of 23, I moved from Miami to Los Angeles to seriously study acting. I had done commercials and presented a program in Miami and I clearly realized that acting was my thing, so I decided to train with the best.

    william levy interview

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    It is inevitable that a public figure like an actor take care of his public image, but were you already like that before starting your professional career? Were you always interested in looking good?
    For me, looking good has never been the most important thing. My interest has always been focused on being a better person, on feeling good about myself, with what surrounds me with who I am. That will lead you to look good without looking for it. He who feels good always looks good.

    With so many events, shoots, trips… surely there is a look with which you feel more comfortable than with any other, what is it?
    I love casual looks, a solid color t-shirt, some jeans broken and my white sneakers. With that I feel myself.

    What role does fashion, the way you dress, play in your day to day life?
    I like to see fashion trends but I don’t wear them if I don’t feel identified with them. I think everyone has their personality and clothes are part of it.

    In which place do you feel more comfortable, posing in an advertising campaign or on a shoot?
    In a 100% shoot. The truth is that I don’t feel comfortable with photography, I much prefer movement, telling a story and creating different characters that my audience can identify with.

    william levy interview

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    By the way, at some point do they let you comment on the costumes of your characters or can you contribute your own idea?
    I am at a time when I like to participate in all aspects of the story because, in addition to being an actor, I am the producer of many of the projects in which I participate, with which I try to be present in all decision-making. Every little detail is very important to tell the story.

    What do you think of the movement towards a greater sustainability who is adopting fashion in recent years?
    We must try to be sustainable not only in fashion but in all aspects of life, since we only have one planet and we have to take care of it. The ease of purchasing products on-line makes us sometimes not think about the little ecological repercussion that it has in terms of pollution. The new generation has more and more awareness and we definitely have to keep working on it.

    william levy interview

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    Since we are in Spain, a country that you know well, tell us two or three places that you particularly like.
    It is difficult to choose only three places, I have loved every place I have been, in all the places I have felt very loved and all of them have left me a special flavor but for now I can tell you that I have fallen in love with where I have been the last months: Madrid, marbella and the Canary Islands. I still have many places to visit, such as Barcelona, ​​the Balearic Islands, the south of Spain… I hope to visit them soon!

    And some food, which you already know that gastronomy in Spain is very cutting-edge…
    I am fascinated by all Spanish food, the flavours, the quality, I love grilled sardines, Paellathe suckling pig… I love to eat and I have really enjoyed these months.

    Photography assistant: Mai styling assistant: Gaxiella Rubio · Makeup and hairdressing: Helena Liebanas · Production: Martha Sanchez

    *This article appears published in the October 2022 issue of Esquire magazine

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