William Levy is happy because his son is playing baseball again

In October 2020 the eldest son of William Levy Y Elizabeth Gutierrez, Christopher Levysuffered a serious accident while driving a golf cart in Western, Florida. At that time, the youngest was 14 years old.

On that occasion, the boy, who was a baseball lover, severely injured his knee and had to be taken by helicopter to the hospital where three surgeries were performed to save the joint.

In September 2021, the actor said in an interview that it had been a very complicated process, “It was a difficult moment, really. He was like the best player in the United States and from one moment to seeing him play and going from that to another day carrying him, taking him to the bathroom and seeing him in a wheelchair was a bit difficult.

“Thank God, after a year of therapy and five surgeries, he is fine. He is going back to the baseball field doing his activities and there we are, giving thanks every day, because he managed to do what he loves to do, ”Levy said at the time.

This September 19, the actor shared a recording on his social networks in which Christopher can be seen batting and running through the field, something that made him very happy, for which he wrote a tender message.

“Thank you, God, for giving this champion the opportunity to be back with the Baseball Diamond team and do what he loves most. Thanks to all those who in difficult times sent his good energies and gave our child their prayers, ”he expressed.

Finally, he indicated, “God always bless you and our babies. I’m proud of you, champion. You have come a long way. You are a inspiration”.

In another interview he gave to the Spanish television station Antena 3, the actor also said that after the 2020 accident he had to go to Colombia to record a soap opera, so they had to separate, “I had to go and leave it in the middle of recovery”.

“The accident was with a golf cart and he was unable to walk for many months. We were there supporting him and I had to leave. It was a bit difficult for me to have to go to work; but well, these are things that sometimes we actors go through, ”he said.

Levy detailed, “In the middle of the recording I was talking to him, about what was happening in the hospital and everything, and for now, you have to do a switch, cut everything and focus on the scene where sometimes you have to laugh, cry. It is a very difficult job; it’s complicated”.

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