Wind – The world’s first recyclable blade is now available for onshore wind farms

The world’s first recyclable blade is now available in onshore wind power projects. In these terms, the German-Spanish company Siemens Gamesa has announced the launch, which has described this event as a “milestone” on its route “towards the production of fully recyclable wind turbines in 2040”. Before the launch of the RecyclableBlade, the manufacture of recyclable blades -explains the manufacturer- was a complicated task for the wind industry: “the complex production process of the blades, in which composite materials such as resin, glass and carbon fiber, made it difficult to dispose of at the end of the wind turbine’s life cycle”. Thus -continues Siemens Gamesa-, although around 85% of a wind turbine can be completely recycled, “many blades were sent to landfills after their dismantling”.

Well, in the RecyclableBlade recycling process, Siemens Gamesa uses a mild acid solution to separate the materials at the end of the wind turbine’s useful life, so that these materials can be recycled “for use in other industrial applications such as construction, consumer goods or the automobile industry”.

In addition to developing what it presents as “the first totally recyclable blade in the world”, Siemens Gamesa collaborates with the association that represents the interests of the European wind energy sector, WindEurope, and other important players in the sector “to ensure that the dumping of blades is prohibited in all Europe”.

Tim Dawidowsky, Director of Operations and Sustainability at Siemens Gamesa: “With our commitment to make wind power as sustainable as possible at every stage of its lifespan, we are leading the wind industry towards full circularity. We want solutions Siemens Gamesa wind farms, in collaboration with our customers and suppliers, continue to be a key element in helping countries meet their net carbon emissions targets”

Siemens Gamesa is a German-Spanish multinational that designs, develops, produces and supplies wind energy solutions. According to its corporate profile, it has installed more than 124 GW.


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