Windows 11 2H22 update improves gaming performance

Getting a little extra gaming performance without the need to upgrade components and tweak is always a good thing. It seems that Microsoft has remembered the gaming fans in the Windows 11 2H22 update. According to the company, this update of the operating system Windows 11 includes a number of improvements to the gaming performance.

According to Microsoft, this update to its new operating system optimizes the performance of games based on DirectX 10 and 11. It seems that this update focuses on reducing image latency. The game control bar and support for DirectStorage technology are also modified.

Windows 11 2H22 focuses on video games

The launch of the Windows 11 operating system by Microsoft has been quite controversial. It is mainly launched by the new architecture of Intel processors (among others). The supported processor limitations and the TPM users have not liked either. In fact, the reception of the new Microsoft operating system is very low.

Microsoft in the latest update has promised that different (unspecified) games will get features automatic HDR in window mode. Also, some games will receive support for the technology of variable refresh rate (VRR) while running in windowed mode. Both solutions were only available for full-screen games developed under DirectX 12.

Additionally, Windows 11 2H22 improved the compatibility in the game control bar. Pressing the Windows + G combination or the middle button on the Xbox controller will display recently played games. This allows users to access their regular games in a faster way.

The games developed under the DirectX 10 and 11 APIs they will also get extra performance. No further details have been given on this, but we should not expect to double the FPS, not by chance. Being optimistic, if we get 2-3 extra FPS, we can already find ourselves with a song in the teeth.

Also improves DirectStorage

One of the great strengths of the Xbox Series X and PS5 is the optimization in the use of the storage unit. A reduction in game loading times is achieved. The new version of Windows 11 receives an improvement in DirectStorage compatibility.

With this update, the user has more storage configuration options, including RAID0 configurations. Users will thus be able to have more versatility with this new technology. Additionally, it is expected to be accompanied by the release of Forspoken.

On the other hand, more natural narration voices, improved focus functions and new options for the control of Smart Apps will be introduced. As it could not be otherwise, different security and performance improvements are also added.

Microsoft’s intention to improve smaller one-time updates is also highlighted. Some of the first of these micro updates should be in the coming month of October. Among others, a new tab system for File Explorer will be added. Improvements to the Photos app and new features for sharing files and information from the clipboard are expected to be added.

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