Wireless Ear (stick) headphones

After the introduction of the Nothing Ear headphones (1) and the mobile Nothing Phone (1), the company has made official its new helmets that They won’t go on sale until the end of the year..

Nothing has shared the first image of the wireless headphones that will be accompanied by a charging case with compact and cylindrical shapeIn addition, they will have an ergonomic design that will maintain the transparencies that characterize the brand.

The distinguishing feature between the original Ear (1) and this device is in the charging case as it is similar to the silhouette of some cosmetic products to fit in all pockets.

At the moment, Nothing has not confirmed if the new headphones will introduce changes at a technical level compared to the previous model, however, the brand has confirmed in a press release sent to the media that will reveal more details about them later in the year.

For these dates it will be when the price and the date of the market launch are confirmed.

On September 20, the first images were shared within the framework of the Fashion Week of London, from the hand of Chet Lo (designer and creative director). Carl Pei (CEO and co-founder of Nothing) stated that this week “was the perfect stage to start a new and exciting collaboration to show off our next product, the Nothing Ear (Stick)”.

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