Xiaomi and Realme are considering bringing the Dynamic Island to their phones

Apple’s new iPhone 14 Pro models come with a new 48 MP main camera and a powerful A16 Bionic chipset, but what is most striking is the cutout in the screen known as the “Dynamic Island.”

It is a cutout that looks pill-shaped and expands or contracts depending on the task at hand.

The new feature is creating a legitimate stir, not only among users, but also among other manufacturers, who are considering copying the feature for their Android smartphones.

Xiaomi and Realme have asked their users what they think of Dynamic Island and whether they should introduce the feature on their Android phones.

While most Android phones don’t feature a dual notch cutout like the iPhone 14 Pro series, companies are finding ways to create their own version of the Dynamic Island around the front-facing camera cutout.

Will the Dynamic Island come to Xiaomi and Realme?

Xiaomi China President Lu Weibing has asked users if they would like to see the “smart island” functionality on Xiaomi phones.

Weibing responded to a comment from one user, who said “looking forward to the K60 universe, with the blessing of Smart Island.” The head of Xiaomi China asked users if they really wanted the Smart Island feature.

Realme has also asked in your forum your community members if they want the “Dream Island” feature.

Can you imagine what would happen if Realme UI added a software trick to turn the camera cutout into a multifunctional feature? The user interface around the camera hole could take on different shapes and sizes to display incoming phone calls, alerts, notifications, and more.

Finding this idea quite appealing, we at Realme have decided to turn to our loyal fans for ideas and suggestions on how such a software feature could be implemented on Realme devices, perhaps in the future… It’s fun for us to know what our community thinks and wants of us

Some users on Twitter are dropping suggestions on how Apple (or the Android makers) could implement more features into Dynamic Island.

Twitter user Parker Ortolani tweeted a thread suggesting various ways that Dynamic Island can be extended to more use cases. These include notifications, Siri, Hand-off, screenshots, etc.

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