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Presentation day today at Xiaomi, with a very special surprise: its first life-size humanoid robot.

We have been watching for a decade humanoid robots that are supposed to be “used” at home, but never arrive. maybe Xiaomi Be the first to make this dream a reality: today you have presented his first humanoid robot, called CyberOne.

With an appearance very reminiscent of the alleged Tesla robot Optimus, CyberOne is the company’s second robot, after the CyberDog, which we had the opportunity to try.

CyberOne is a humanoid robot 1.77 meters tall and weighing 55 kilos.. He walks at a speed of 3 Km/h, although as we see in the opening video of the news, he does not stand out for his agility.

Still Xiaomi has mentioned in the presentation that it has highly advanced object recognition software, that allows you to do things like avoid obstacles or avoid stepping on ants, as shown in the video.

CyberOne can hold conversations with humans, and has the ability to pick up and reposition objects. Even put them back where they were if we ask. Therefore, he has a kind of robotic memory with “memories” of what he did in the past.

From the point of view of design, its most remarkable aspect is its head, since has no face. His face is a screen that projects graphic effects and images of what he sees, as they have shown today.

In the presentation with the CEO and founder of Xiaomi Lei Jun, we have seen him practicing some Kung Fu movements, although we hope you never have to use them because… they won’t do you much good. He also took a selfie with Lei Jun.

as a robot, CyberOne It seems just that, a first version. His movements are still very slow and robotic, it has reminded us of the Kawasaki robots that we saw a few weeks ago.

It doesn’t seem very prepared to carry out tasks with a minimum of efficiency, for this we will have to wait for CyberTwo or CyberThree. Nothing to do with the robot that assembles IKEA furniture what we have seen today.

If you were hoping to buy it one day, we have bad news: Xiaomi has said that it will not put it up for sale because its manufacture is very expensiveand cannot be mass produced.

It’s still a few years before we can have our own C3-PO at home, it seems.

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